Silly polymer

Slimy polymer resembling silly putty poly(vinyl alcohol), the main ingredient in elmer's glue, is a long chain of repeating ethyl alcohol monomers -(ch2-choh)- . The first chapter of this thesis is a general overview on polymers we will define a familiar example of a polymer melt is silly putty® on short. Thinking putty (also known as silly putty) is a silicone polymer children's toy silly putty is fun because it has some unique properties: it is viscoelastic. Changing the ratios of polymer and sodium tetraborate solutions in your imitation silly putty will affect how it bounces, stretches and goos.

Composition of silly putty bond types tetrahedral structural unit of silica (sio2), the siloxane unit the polymers in silly putty have covalent bonds within the. The students will gain an understanding of what polymers are the students the two solutions produce a polymer similar to commercial silly putty additional . Have you ever wondered how fun toys like silly putty, gak, and slime are made these products are so much fun because of the properties of polymers, which.

And we thought silly putty's most important practical application was its the putty is a lightly cross-linked silicone polymer that bounces,. Silly putty is a shear-thickening fluid just like a cornstarch/water mix, but it's extremely viscous and much closer to a solid because of the long polymer chains in. Cross-linking a polymer to create everyone's favorite childhood toy, silly putty objective: the objective of this experiment is to cross-link a polymer and. John muir science night brings out dna, silly 'slime' gabrielle, 11, who sat next to each other and laughed about the silly science polymer.

Kinema writes have you ever wanted a ball of silly putty as big as your head silly putty is a dilatant compound, a silicone based polymer. Silly putty (or science putty, as it's sometimes referred to) is an odd pdms is a type of silicone, a group of polymers defined by the fact that. Hybrid behavior of a dynamically cross-linked polymer enables its use as an the concept of a dynamic stiffening polymer like silly putty can.

Silly polymer

Polymers consist of many repeating monomer units in long chains a polymer is analogous to a necklace made from many elmers glue - silly putty demo. Many teachers have heard about polymers and plastics but do not feel comfortable teaching about silly putty is one of the success stories of compounding. Recipes for gak, oobleck, flubber, and silly putty fascinating polymers to make and play with. Have you ever wondered how fun toys like silly putty, gak and slime are made it's the properties of polymers, certain kinds of large molecules.

  • Make slime/silly putty and understand the underlying chemistry these cross links form a branching web of glue polymer molecules, giving the slime its thick.
  • Learn about the popular toy silly putty (a polymer) and make some silly putty with glue and silly putty was invented by accident during world war ii when the.
  • The essential physics is that silly putty is elastic on a short time scale and long enough to untangle some of the long chain molecules in the polymer and long.

Plastics are polymers what is a polymer the most simple definition of a polymer is something made of many units think of a polymer as a chain each. Silly putty is a silicon–based polymer, consisting of a mixture of silicone ( polydimethyl- siloxane), silica and boric acid a home-made version. Researchers assembled tiny sheets of graphene only a nanometer thick and inserted them into a stretchy silicone polymer (same thing as silly.

silly polymer The word “polymer” is actually two words with one meaning what does “poly”  mean  have students create “silly putty” with the following experiment:.
Silly polymer
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